302 West Street
Berlin, MA 01778
Contact: Paul Roux

Phone: (978) 858-2810

Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

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Roux’s Garage is a neat five bay country garage in Berlin MA. Paul Roux is an ASE Master Certified Technician. They do general repairs and specializes in tire balancing, wheel alignment and automotive electronics.

The following work was performed on my Audi AllRoad. Roux Garage use a Hunter “Road Force” balancing machine and  a new zinc tape weights made by 3M. The wheels were then moved to the car and I watched carefully as they were reaffixed. All final tightening and torquing was done by hand.

Each finished work is provide with a computer generated printout of what was performed and notes about what to look for in the first few days of driving.

I was pleased and made an appointment for my 308 to be balanced and aligned. Paul machine indicated that the rear end was out of alignment. We fixed that. I have owned this car for over 25 years and it has never run this well. PB


Roux’s Garage doesn’t stock or sell tires. They will advise you re choices and request you call Tire Rack who will ship them to him for mounting and balancing.

The invoice was slightly more that we would pay elsewhere but less than we expected considering what was done.

Other shops and serious enthusiasts who support our assertion that Roux’s Garage is a top quality supplier. They all volunteered as endorsers.

Neither car has ever ridden so well. Roux’s Garage is not unique! What separates Roux Garage is their passion for consistently doing their best. Their reward is a clientele of finicky people.


Jim CosgrovePebble Beach winning restorer.
Oldtimer Restoration Center – Harvard MA

“We restore cars and Roux’s Garage does all of our balancing and alignment work.”

Bob HatchAward-winning Mercedes Restorer and Sales
Hatch & Sons, Hudson, MA

“Roux’s Garage is simply the best!”

Rudy RiedelTire Rack Consultant/Specialist
888-541-1777 (3-4664)

“Roux’s Garage is a Tire Rack Recommended Supplier and we encourage our customers to use them.”