by | Oct 21, 2018 | Newsletter

Editor Dom Miliano is attending the Ferrari Club of America’s (FCA) Annual meet this week at Watkins Glen and many of our images this week are from their beauty pageant err… Concours and track events. I attended the previous FCA National at Watkins Glen and thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite all the high profile events at which Ferraris are featured and often dominate, the presence of a large number of driven Ferraris that will never win a major concours, and owners who are not concerned about it, is quite refreshing. Not to mention that gaggles of parked and moving Ferraris is visually stunning.

Also we revisit Pebble Beach for a piece on an interesting event that is new to the peninsula. At Tommy Kendall’s invitation, we attended the Japanese Automotive Invitational show for an enlightening exhibit of vintage Japanese street and racing cars.

We also share our thoughts about F1 Singapore.

Chris Osborne is a friend and a favorite artist. Chris’s work is often portraits of easily recognized celebrities with their favorite cars. She was recently awarded the Ralph Fabri Medal from the National Society of Painters for her work in casein and acrylic. In the image below Janis Joplin and her Porsche (I thought she asked the Lord to give her a Mercedes Benz) and Paul Newman depicted with his #33 Bob Sharp Datsun 240Z. Join us in congratulating Chris on her award.

Your responses to last week’s message about Robert Wickens demonstrated both wide sympathy and support for him and concern about the safety of the cars IndyCar is offering. Judging by your comments, you believe that the F1 cars are safer. And remembering the horrific crash from which F1’s Fernando Alonso walked away in Australia two years ago, it is hard to disagree.

The 7th iteration of the Boston Cup is being held on the Boston Common this Sunday from 9AM to 2PM. This is an ever growing event and the only one of its scope in New England. As ever, entrance is gratis. What a great way to introduce the kids to a wonderful world of different cars.

Have a great weekend!

Peter Bourassa